Hostel 24 is a small family hostel which opened its doors in June 2012. Its excellent location, friendly staff, and clean rooms make it one of the highest rated hostels in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Hostel 24 offers you everything for a pleasant and safe stay, and their staff wants to be part of your story when you tell it to your family and friends. Ideally situated near the city center, it is also within walking distance of the city’s largest green space, Tivoli Park. Over three days this spring it will also be the home to all HostelSkills #3 Workshop participants. We asked Eva Bem Bizjan from our partner Hostel 24 to share their story.

How did you decide to open a hostel?

Trying to connect people traveling. Especially millennials right now being equipped with all types of gadgets and websites instead of breaking out the grid and reach out to a fellow traveler. If you can establish that connection between fellow guests it makes a hostel a place of new friends and another home. When you travel at a period in your life and stay in the circle of backpackers, hostels, cheap beer and awesome experiences and stories you get hooked on the all-time relaxed and worries free life.

What is the biggest challenge you are facing in running/managing your hostel?

The biggest challenge in running and upbringing the hostel was managing finance and financing new rooms or renovation. The hostel was started in a building built in 1928 and the owner began renovating the old Mercator market with high ceilings into accommodation. So, by all means, every inch of the place was used, considering the great location.

What makes your hostel unique?

I would say that the rooms make the place the most unique. All the rooms are equipped with bathrooms and showers which not all hostels offer. Also, the rooms having bunk beds with double beds helps getting groups and families. Smaller size rooms are not a downside but a good point to make new friends when tripping over someone else’s shoes. And we can never praise the staff more, they make our hostel soulful.

What is the one thing that your guests like the most in your hostel?

Our attentive, opened and welcoming staff and the funky vibe give the hostel a cool feeling. Kind of makes you not wanna leave the place. Ljubljana is also one of the most comfortable, compact and warm places in Europe. We are constantly trying to improve customer service and guest experience, by listening to and conversing with our guests. Getting positive feedback is the best reward.

What makes your destination/city a place everyone should visit?

Car traffic is restricted in the center, leaving the leafy banks of the emerald-green Ljubljanica River, which flows through the city’s heart, free for pedestrians and cyclists. In summer, cafes set up terrace seating along the river and it almost feels like a nightly street party. Also, Ljubljana was rewarded the green capital of Europe in 2016.

What is the best time of the year to visit you?

Our favorite time of the year is definitely summer when the locals leave town for holiday and it gets quieter, you can bike anywhere and you will feel like you are in a metropolitan city when you hear all different kinds of accents and languages throughout the city with tourist swarming our charming little capital.

What would you recommend to your guests as a must see/must do in your city?

If you are looking to party or relax, Ljubljana is the perfect place. All year round you have different kinds of events suitable for every taste and age. If staying at Hostel 24, you can stroll past the dragon bridge, have a cup of delicious coffee at Petkovškovo nabrežje in one of the many riverside bars… Have some delicious lunch in Klobasarna (tasty sausages), maybe rent a bike and head on to Špica, newly renovated river bank in the southeast of Ljubljana. Even hike up to the castle hill for a gorgeous view of the small town. The Ljubljana castle is just minutes away from our hostel.